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I had expressed an interest in Ted Weber’s new High Performance Series
speakers, the C10TX Texas 10 to be specific. Mr. Weber kindly offered me one
at his Bargain Center price of $30.00 instead of the regular price (a very
reasonable $40.00). The speaker is beautifully made, painted white, and has a
humongous 60 oz magnet. It is rated at 80 watts. Mr. Weber described the
speaker to me as being like a P12R tone wise, but it “screams”. His accessment
was absolutely correct.

I literally stuffed the Texas 10 into my Fender Pro Jr. The amp chassis was
flat against the gigantic magnet of the speaker. I think the Texas 10 weighed
more than the entire amp including the original Emminence 30 watt ceramic
speaker. I just wanted to check out the speaker, it really isn’t meant for a
low wattage amp like the Pro Jr and is certainly too big to comfortably fit in
the cabinet with the chassis. I have two P12R’s that Ted Weber rebuilt for me,
so I already knew that the PnnR tone was to my liking. The P12R’s are for use
with my silverface Deluxe Reverb and a Deluxe Reverb II.

The first thing I noticed was how goddam loud the amp became. Seemed like it
went from a 15 watt amp to a 40 watt amp. The tone was without question P10R,
tweed sound. Very thick deep sounding. The speaker was so strong, the tube
holders were vibrating like crazy along with everything else in my living room.
I would have loved to have had a separate cabinet to try it in so I wouldn’t
have had to deal with the annoying buzz of the tube holders.

The combination of the thicker sounding EL84 amp with more mids (as compared to
a sweeter, less mid sound of a 6V6 DR), a Strat with Texas Specials, and that
PnnR thick tone made it a bit too dark. It was much improved when I used my
Am. Std. with the brighter pickups. It sounded like the Am. Std. had
humbuckers that sounded like a Strat being played through a cranked Marshall.
Woman tone without even trying. The sound was pretty amazing. The distortion
of the amp came through very smooth and clear. It made me realize how raggedy
the little Emminence speaker really gets with the Pro Jr. cranked. The speaker
took the Pro Jr. out of the practice amp category. Even with the volume low,
the amp screamed.

The Weber high performance series includes California (clean), Chicago (later
breakup) and Texas (early breakup and PnnR tone). I might prefer the Chicago
for a Pro Jr type amp, but I believe the Texas series would be great for blues
in a Deluxe Reverb/Super Reverb type of amp. I really think the Texas 10 will
be great for a master volume amp like the 100 watt JMP Marshall I have. I
believe it will take that preamp distortion and beef it up so it is nice and
thick. My plan is to try the Texas 10 it with the Marshall when I get the amp
in playing shape. I bet a nice 2×10 or 2×12 Texas 10 or 12 with a MV Marshall
head would be a killer combination.

One other very noticeable thing. Just like when I put a pair of WeberVST
C12N’s in my Twin Reverb, the sustain increased dramatically. The Texas 10
sings for ever. Notes just don’t seem to die. It is like an immediate
improvement to the guitar. I don’t know how he does it, but none of the stock
Fender speakers or Emminence speakers I’ve replaced with WeberVST’s come close
to holding a note so long. I think a pair of Texas 12’s in a Twin Reverb would
give you a real nasty, monster sounding amp. A loud, tweed tone with some nice

I swapped the Emminence speaker back into the Pro Jr and it sounded much
brighter and almost wimpy. I thought this amp had all kinds of balls in it’s
original state, but it can offer much more with a great speaker.



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