THD 2×12 cabinet

From jmumfor–(at)– Thu Nov 14 22:28:57 CST 1996
From: jmumfor–(at)– (Jim Mumford)
Subject: THD 2×12 cab review
Date: 11 Nov 1996 14:42:07 GMT
Distribution: world

Last thursday I finally recieved the THD 2×12 rear-ported cab I ordered.
It’s thier stock cab – chemically aged celestion 80 watt classic leads, black
tolex, cool cream white grille cloth.

It’s slightly narrower than a standard marshall head. as a matter of fact
it is exactly as wide as the front control panel, so it hangs off the side
a little, but it still looks very cool. :> It’s got a 2″ opening across
the back which is the port. stiffeners are mounted along inside the rear
covers above and below the opening, no doubt to insure no vibration of the back.
So, if you wanted to you could rear-mic this cab easily.

It is an amazing cab.

It was A/B’d against a quite excellent sounding Marshall 4×12 straight
basketweave cab( a larger size hendrix-ian reissue which really does sound
much better than the standard 4-12 cabs) loaded with 75 watters
and the THD did a very respectable job.

Both cabs sound very good. The main difference is that the marshall
has their trademard midrangey “hole” that the THD doesn’t seem to have.
The THD sounds a little more present in the mids and highs, *not* squealy
or obnixous, but also doesn’t really give away any lowend to the big cab.
It seemed to sound a little better on clean stuff.
And it really didn’t seem to suffer anything against the big cab on shred
stuff. It could take all the bottom chunk thrown at it, and stayed tight,
which was a concern due to the open port design.
The THD is *very* articulate sounding.

The THD has a much wider dispersion due to the open back, that I think
drummers will appreciate – even off to the side of it the dispersion is

The THD tone doesn’t seem very dependant on where it is placed in the room.
It actually seemed to sound better pulled away from the wall. This was
true in both a small bedroom and a 18×20′ rehearsal space. If you put it
right up against a wall you’re covering the port, and that will take away
some bottom though.

Anyway, A couple of times we had trouble telling which cab was on.

I also A/B it against my Marshall 1960AV 4×12 slant loaded with 70 watt
Celestion Vintage’s.

More bottom than my slant. Better dispersion. Sweeter dead-on in front.

What can I say it sounded better than my slant cab.

So…it is worth picking one of these up if you don’t like 4×12 schlep,
in MY OPINION it replaces a 4×12 without missing much of anything and
sounds better on clean stuff, and you gain better dispersion, and other
players should hear you better on stage.

Oh, BTW heads were a Marshall 30th anniv head and a friend tried his
Bogner Ecstacy.

It is a very easy carry, up and down stairs like a heavy suitcase.
Andy even offset the carrying handle so that it hangs totally straight
balanced when you pick it up.

For my needs, this cab is worth the $650.00 + shipping and was worth the
wait. Saves my back.

THD is at 206-789-5500 ask for Andy Marshall.



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