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Jerry Shaw wrote:

> Greetings Lord,
> I apoligise if this Leslie cab. question is somewhat OT for this group, but
> last night I went to A.H.O. and saw that you post there, too. I’d never
> been there, so I didn’t want to butt in. Anyway, my brother asked me about
> the possibility of shortening the cable that runs from his B-3 to his
> Leslie – he said it’s a 25′ five-conductor cable that contains signal,
> power, and motor-speed controls. He wants to shorten it to 5-10 feet. Do
> you know of a Belden # or other part # and a source for the correct cable,
> and/or the 5-pin connectors? I told him to try to make what he wants first
> before chopping up a factory cable. Any suggestions?
> Thanks Mucho,
> J

Lord Valve Speaketh:
Leslie cable is a proprietary item made for
Hammond/Suzuki (formerly Electro Music) by
Carol Corporation. The only source is from
Hammond/Suzuki. Leslie dealers stock it,
or can order you some. The male and female
5-pin connectors were made by Amphenol. I’m
not sure if Leslie is still offering these,
but they may. I stock all the parts needed
to produce a Leslie cable from scratch. BTW,
you might want to check the female end of the
cable; upon closer inspection, you may discover
that it’s a 6-pin, not a 5. A 5-pin male to
a 6-pin female is one of the ways a model 122
Leslie can be connected to a B-3; one of the
lines in the cable is dedicated to B+ voltage
>from the Leslie. Many early Hammonds had no
B+ supply on board, and derived this voltage
>from the Hammond tone cabinet they were designed
to use. Leslie allowed for this in their designs.
Since the B-3 has its own B+ supply, it doesn’t
require this connection, and can be hooked up
with a 5-wire cable.

Lord Valve

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