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havan–(at)–arthlink.net (Harry Avant) wrote:

>kroge–(at)–cla.edu (James Kroger) wrote:
>>Hi, I would give you $125 for one. I paid that for a mint D-130
>>16 ohm, but it is the wrong ohmage to use. Also, who reconed it?
>>In article <874646407.1934--(at)--ejanews.com>, Bob Rome wrote:
>>> JBL D130F Signature Series 15″ 8 ohm speakers taken out of a Fender
>>> Bassman Cab. Just came back from being completely rebuilt and ready to
>>> rock. 2 available for $160 a piece + shipping.

>Why is it the “wrong” ohmage? You can use a 16 ohm speaker with an 8
>ohm Fender without any problems.

Harry, you will not have the full output of the amplifier available if you run a
16 ohm speaker on an 8 ohm amplifier.

>Also a “true” D-130 is different than a D-130F.

That is correct – the F is more rugged for portable use as a musical instrument
speaker as compared to home use only on a fixed environment.

>I think the F means Fender and I suspect it also means a driver with
>less of a frequency range.

Yes, and No. The “F” originally stood for Fender, since they were the largest
purchasers, and at one time, the distributor for all the JBL guitar speakers.
But the D130F speaker was not designed specifically by, or for them and the F
eventually came to be just an indicator for all of the JBL musical instrument
series speakers. The D130F did not have any significant frequency range
differences, compared to the home version – the D130.

>If it was reconed was it done with an original D kit (now not
>available in Los Angeles) or the E kit?

I can’t comment on this accurately, but I believe the D kit restores the speaker
to a home version, while the E kit is the musical instrument cone assembly. I
feel I must tell you there is slightly more relief on the D130F top plate to
accomodate a wider variety of mounting techniques (i.e., idiots who use torque
wrenches to flatten these frames onto a warped baffle board).

I hope this helps corrects some misconceptions.

Harvey Gerst
Indian Trail Records


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