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(Mixman1899) writes:
>Just thought you’d be interested to know……as a general speaker the
>Celestion is a speaker that breaks up easily. With a very small voice
>coil and nominal magnet the speaker distorts at low levels. This is
>there is no truly clean channel on a Marshall amp. That’s where the
>drive for distortion comes from. The interesting thing is when Jim
>Marshall was looking for a speaker to put in his cabinets he chose
>Celestion for it’s inexpensive price. At the time, in the late
>Celestion was a struggling speaker manufacturer with a lowend,
>speaker product. When used for P.A. or consumer stereo uses it was
>considered a cheap speaker, because it distorted.
>But when Jim Marshall marketed it in his cabinets it became popular
>guitarists for that same distortion and the price went up.

Lord Valve Speaketh:
This just ain’t so. Celestion has been manufacturing high quality
speakers since 1924, and they are famous for their excellent studio
monitors and home speakers. Their PA speakers (and horns and drivers)
are some of the VERY best made in the world…the top-end stuff in
their line is easily the equal of McCauley, JBL, Renkus, etc. As a
matter of fact, Celestion pioneered the use of laser interferometry as
a method of detecting cone-breakup distortion, and they have made
significant advances in the REDUCTION of speaker distortion which are
used by many other manufacturers around the world. The Celestion line
is very wide…they make everything from shit to dynamite. For a long
time, the only speakers people (in the USA) knew of were the cheap-ass
ones that came into this country in Marshall cabinets, hence their
reputation for ‘distortion.’ The PA components were widely distributed
in Europe, however, and I’m sure the Brits on this group will have a
different opinion entirely than the one voiced above.

Lord Valve
(Fat Willie)


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