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Heritage Guitars

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Heritage Guitars are made entirely in Kalamazoo Michigan in the Original
Gibson Factory by the Original Gibson employees. They buy their wood
>from the same place Gibson did in the Golden years, They offer upgraded
pickups, upgraded hardware and much lower prices than the Gibson.

Recently I had a Customer ask me for a comparison between the Gibson 335
and the Heritage 535
Below is what I wrote him back.


1 The Heritage generally has a flamier top even on their non upgraded
2 The Heritage costs a lot less in itself that makes it better.
3 The Heritage has a wooden matching flamed pickguard instead of the
plastic on Gibsons.
4 The Headstock on the Heritage does not splay as much therefore the
strings don’t suffer as much from the compound bend syndrome that all
Gibsons have.
5 Choice of 4 different Sunburst finishes 3 of them far nicer than
Gibson. Also there are many other custom colors to choose from none of
which Gibson offers.
6 Heritage is a smaller company they will take care of a problem a lot
quicker than Gibson, They Have to try harder.
7 The Heritage comes Stock with Grover’s The Gibson is 100.00 more.
8 The Bridge is upgraded from Gibsons, it uses rollers so you can also
set string spacing.
9 The tailpiece on the Gibson is Pot Metal and the finish will come off
eventually, The Heritage is Highly plated brass.. looks better sounds
10 The String Retainers in the tailpiece are hardened steel on the
Heritage, The Gibson does not provide string retainers at all.
Eventually the tailpiece needs to be replaced on the Gibson because the
strings elongate the holes slightly.
11 The Heritage binding work on the neck is far superior to Gibson’s
12 The Fretwork is done by hand at Heritage under tension, The Gibson’s
are done on a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine. There are
pros and con’s on this one but I always prefer handmade.
13 For a minor upcharge Heritage offers very nice flamey tops, Which
will definitely increase the long term value the also offer Ebony as an
upcharge, Variaphase, Fancy inlays Gold Hardware and more..
The Best thing about that is even if you get all the options and load the
guitar to the max you still come in spending hundreds less than a Gibson.

I Presume you are aware that Heritage is actually the original Gibson
Factory in Kalamazoo Michigan. I also presume you realize that the
employees at Heritage are all the original Gibson people dating back to
the 50’s and 60’s. What you may not know is that all the original
machinery and tooling that Gibson used to create the original 335’s back
in the old days is what Heritage uses to make their guitars today.

As you can plainly see this Is why I can confidently recommend Heritage.

Oh the Best thing is
My Prices Start at at ridiculous 699.00 no one anywhere comes even close

Ed Roman

checkout my website 500 guitars listed probably 10 or so Heritage 535
new and used


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