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I bought a couple Suhrs after all the hype Ive been hearing, I received the
first one on Friday. For what its worth here is a short review:

Tele style body (ash), rosewood board (madagascar), big frets, big V neck
(I believe its based on Joe Bac’s 56 strat) See thru white (Mary Kay), white
pickgaurd, tele bridge pickup and 2 strat pickups (its a 3 pickup tele)
Tele bridge.

Playability: The guitar is perfectly set up, low action but no buzz ! all the
notes play clean, no dead spots, for some the neck would be too big but
once you get used to it its pretty easy to get around (note John offers just
about any size neck you want) and I also believe the big neck contributes
greatly to the tone. It has a nice satin finish which feels smooth & fast,
frets are perfect, can’t ask for a better playing guitar, if you play bad on
this you suck.

Looks: Its your basic tele, finish was perfect, workmanship was perfect,
looks like a see thru Mary Kay tele. The guitar is VERY light and resonant.

Electronics: It has a Suhr Tele bridge pickup and 2 Suhr Strat singles, a 5
way and a push pull to bring in the neck & bridge (and in the 4 pos all three
pickups so you get all combinations, only niggle is that in the bridge mode
the selector switch is too close to the volume (its vol & tone) knob and its
a bit hard to “flick around”

Suhr Tele Bridge: Big & punchy (not at all wimpy) twangy with the tone all the
way up but beefy when you roll the tone back, you can go from Albert Lee twang
to crunch chords pretty easily, lots of string definition and not at all harsh
very sweet and musical.

Suhr Single coils (neck & middle): Very 3-D, harmonically rich, able to get
amazing clean or dirty tones, sweet as Eric Johnson and bluesy as SRV, even
better than the fralins I have, simply put these are the best strat pickups I
have heard, they have it, think of the best strat tones you have ever heard
and these are better.

Tone: The guitar sustains like a Les Paul, its rings like a Mother F., The
very light resonant ash body combined with a big neck just give this guitar
amazing tone, by manipulating your volume & tone controls you can pretty much
get every tone imaginable from a strat or tele and even some (like big
crunchy distorted rythyms & leads) that you didnt think you could get.The
tone is very warm and alive but not harsh and 3 dimensional. Ive had just
about every high end guitar made (Tyler,Anderson Grosh ect…) this is as
good as it gets.

Customer Service: John was great, he spent alot of time with me on the phone
and did everything as I ordered (how many times have you ordered something and
gotten it and realized a builder forgot to do something you asked !)

Price/Value: The Suhrs are priced similiar to Grosh or Anderson and lower
than a Tyler, they are worth every penny. If you want a truly professional,
amazing sounding playing guitar that will inspire you, save your pennies and
buy a Suhr.


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