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Sorry but the blocks are still machined steel, they just dont look
that way cause they are painted now, maybe remove the paint. Now the
steel could be a different alloy. They still actually use much of the
same tooling to make those bridges.

On 9 Feb 1999 02:19:21 GMT, palmaudi–(at)– (Palmaudio) wrote:

> I’m going to give away a little secret here. Old Fenders had a machined steel
>tremelo block which rings and sounds “alive” and newer ones (including relics)
>have a cast steel block that does not resonate at all. HUGE difference in tone.
>Callaham guitars makes a machined block that costs $45.00 that makes all the
>difference in the world. I have a first run (1995 sn 0321) ’56 “Mary Kaye”
>relic strat with a Callaham block and have played it side by side with my
>father’s real ’57 Mary Kaye strat many times and the difference in tone is WAY
>less with the replacement tremelo block in my relic.
> Go to for more info.
>Try it for yourself the difference is NOT subtle!
> Cheers,
> Scott


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