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> Subject: Les Paul DLX

> Can any one tell me what the stock discription for a Les Paul
> Deluxe (circa 1976) is. I bought this one in 76 and put it away
> 79 to remain untouched until lately. I saw a discription of one
> in a magazine but it didn’t seem to match what I have. It has
> the mini humbuckers that you’d expect for that year but the body
> construction seems out of the ordinary. It appears to have a three
> piece neck out of mahogany, the body appears to have the normal
> maple top except it has three pieces glued together they are pretty
> nice examples of tiger stripe and the mahogany pat of the body seems
> to be in two pieces with a thin 1/16 piece dark wood in between.
> I am kinda wondering if I ‘ve got some intentional hybred or the
> shop slapped together a bunch of odds and ends. The woods used are all
> exceptional in grain so I think that there was some intent in the
> and I can’t find a “Second” or 2 anywhwere on the neck. The color is
> wine red which shows the grain well. I paid $710. in 1976. I don’t
> really care if it is a second or oddball it plays great I was just
> curious and I have seen in the past that some in this forum have a
> good knowlege of Les Pauls
> Thanks

Here’s the direct quote from a “Gibson Suggested Price List,” dated June 20,
1975 (Gibson part # 838520RD)

Guitar, Solid Body, The Original Gold Finished Top with Natural Mahogany Sides
and Back. Also available in Wine Red and Cherry or Tobacco Sunburst* Finish.
Two “Humbucking” pickups…………..580.00
535 – Faultless Shaped Case (Plush)….89.00

+ Available left hand – Additional $50.00
* Sunburst or White Finish – Additional $30.00

Not a whole lot of detail, but I hope this helps alittle.



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