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I got email once from someone who did the Minibucker -> P90 switch.

Mickey Yahoo-Mooshoo
Pittsburgh, PA

Here it is:

Never a problem to help out. I was also in your position. Not much info
and a whole lot of advice from yabos without a clue.

Let me shed some light. The Mini- and P-90 are the EXACT same size. A
perfect fit. Now there might be only one small situation you need to be
aware of. The Mini- and the P-90 use different mounting screw locations.
Same screw, different location. The Mini- uses the outside of the Pickup
to mount. These are close to the edges of the pickup. The P-90 uses two
places between some of the pickup screws. If you look at them you will
instantly notice this. On my 1973 Goldtop I found that the bar that
the pickup screws into was drilled and routed for both the Mini- and the
P-90. All I had to do was string the wire, screw it in and solder to the
pots. Done in under 30 minuts.

Now if that is your case there is one other small but simple problem. The
mounting screws on the Mini are soldered to the pickup. So when you get
the P-90’s you need to also get two extra mounting screws per pickup. Not
a big deal and just about any guitar shop has them.

Now, if your mounting bar is not drilled for the P-90, any guitar shop
should be able to do that for you, Or just sell you the mounting bar with
the right screw holes. Or you can go the cheap route. Take out the metal
screw bar, get Humbucker Bass Mounting screws that are 1/4 inch longer
than the normal screw and has a wood taper. And screw that Bad boy to the
wood of the guitar. I have done this to an Epiphone that would not
cooperate. Not recommended but it works in a pinch. If you have any
patience whatsoever (I do not) get the metal fix to work. Or when you
buy the Deluxe take out one pickup and see if it has four holes drilled in
it. Two on the sides and two close in the middle. There should also be two
holes for that bar to be screwed to the wood as well.

Okay so I have gone on a bit, I hope this helps,

Take care….



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