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Larry Bles wrote:

> I may just be lucky, but both my American Standard Strat and Les Paul
> Standard are nearly flawless in fit and finish.

I think you need to look closer. Look at the inlay work. Gibson
Les Pauls have very sloppy inlay work. Notice how the holes cut
for the inlays are slightly oversize and how they use a
glue/ebony dust combination to fill the gap. Also notice how
the glue/ebony seeps under the edges of the inlays so you can see
it *THROUGH* the inlay at the edges. Also notice how the inlays
on your $1300 Les Paul (Assuming you don’t have a vintage one)
are made of a plastic imitation mother of pearl.

Also notice the peeling of the lacquer and cracks in the binding
at each fret point.

Now take a very close look at your pickups and the 6 pole/piece
screws. Notice the alignment and how it is different on each
pickup indicating that the pickups are not aligned exactly right.

I talked to a few dealers who confided to me that Gibson is attempting
to market the Gibson line as an “Upscale” kind of thing and marketing
the Epiphone line as a lower priced line for musicians. The ridiculous
thing is that much of the workmanship of the Epiphone line is superior
to the Gibson line. Gibson keeps raising the prices of their guitars.
For example, the 335 lists for $2700 as I recall.

I personally can’t wait until Fender/Guild starts re-introducing the
Guild electric guitar line. From what several dealers have told me,
the Guild guitars are going to be listing for between $500-$1000
less than the comparable Gibson. For example, the Starfire which is
a Guild version of a 335 will list for $1800 and will be made in
the US.

Of course, if you like the sound of a Les Paul (like I do), you’ll
buy one anyway and not worry about the cosmetic defects. Despite
the decline in Gibson Quality (and inversely proportional price
increases), I own 3 Gibson instruments.


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