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Hi everyone –

This is Steve Gorospe, and I am the creator of The Official Danny
Gatton Website ( I co-work with NRG
Records, the label owned by Norma Gatton (Danny’s mother).

I just wanted to let you know about a couple new Danny Gatton CDs that
are available:

First, “Untouchable” (NRG) is now available via direct mail order
(visit the web site) and through your local chain stores like Tower
Records. “Untouchable” is a collection of songs that Danny recorded
for a CD to be released by NRG, prior to his Elektra contract. Once
he signed with Elektra, these finished tapes were put on the shelf.
After being silent for about 10 years, these tracks (along with a
couple live tracks) are packaged in the most fitting titled
“Untouchable” collection. “Untouchable” is truly the only word that
describes Danny and this collection of material.

Second, Big Mo Records has released a CD entitled “Portraits”. This
CD is a collection of incredible material that Danny recorded over the
years at Big Mo Studios, but never released. This CD is also
available through the Official Danny Gatton web site and retail music

The material on these CDs is NOT sub-standard leftovers. Danny
recorded so much great material that it never got a chance to be
released while he was still alive. Thanks to two small record
companies (Norma Gatton’s NRG Records, and Big Mo Records), these
incredible pieces of music history are now available for you, Danny’s

Please visit the Official Danny Gatton Website
( for all the latest news,
merchandise, photo collections, Real Audio interviews, Tribute Concert
photos, and more about the legendary Danny Gatton.


** Steve Gorospe | gorosp–(at)– **
* *
* The Official DANNY GATTON Web Site *
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