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In response to what is the Custom Shop

When you place an order through your dealer the guitar is either from the
“price list ” of CS guitars like a Gatton tele, American classic strat,
60’s Strat etc. This assumes you are happy with fret size, neck shape,
color etc. or if you want changes it needs to be special ordered

If your order does not fit into the “price list catalog”. (most dealers
stock much of the price list) then it will be built by a custom builder or
Master builder depending on how complicated it is. Most of the Master
Builders have 20 years experience building guitars. For instance I want a
AC Strat but with a different paint job & pickguard and maybe different
pickups. Then it’ll go to a custom builder. Mow if you request a Master
Built or you order a 60’s Strat with a special neck shape, different
frets, one off birdseye neck, Blade cut, special electronics etc, it’ll
probably go to a Master Builder. Or if it is a double bound Thinline with
a stock tele control plate. For instance, This month I am making a 6
String bass with a quilt top, ash back, custom electronics, two truss rods
35″ scale etc. A Master built guitar is made by one person instead of a
crew, he is responsible for that instrument from the day he gets the order
till he calls you to discuss your needs till he ships it. Naturally you
will pay more for the MasterBuilt attention to detail. But the price list
guitars are great also, you just dont have the luxury of talking to the
builder and requesting exactly what you want.

The price list instruments are made with higher quality wood selection
than the factory by a small crew of about 30 workers in a separate
factory. The Custom Shop has a total of I believe aprox. 50 people as
opposed to the factories 400-450. a Master Built product has no retail
price, the dealer is quoted a cost to him and you are given a price by the
dealer. Price list guitars follow a normal mark and have retail prices
etc. A Master built wait may be from 8-12 months or more, price list
product is usually availible off the wall and many dealers have stock, try
and get a Custom Shop catalog from your dealer and or check out the new
Fender Custom Shop book (availible in bookstores) for more ideas and
differences about Master Built product and the Custom Shop. I still stand
behind what I’ve always said, I believe you get what you pay for and there
are many different Fenders, Mexico, Corona Factory, Japan, Custom Shop
price list, Custom Shop MasterBuilt. They are all great instruments, try
them all and make your decision based upon your needs.


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