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A few weeks ago, I asked if anyone was using these yet. Unless I missed a post,
noone had given a review of these pickups. Well I (being the curious cat)
decided to pay the price and try em. So I made me up a pickguard full of
these guys, slapped it on one of my strats (alder body, maple neck) and gave
em a whirl. So far, I’ve used played em at home through various amps and
once at rehearsal. This weekend, I use em at a couple gigs. My impression
so far is quite good. I a/b’d them with my Van Zandt vintage model, Fender
custom shop 50’s style (loaded in the 54 reissues), some texas specials,
a real 65 strat and a real 54 strat. They’re not as bright as the one’s in
the various custom shop pieces that I own (which is good IMO). They have
lot’s of spank like the 65 but aren’t as hot (the 65 is up in ohm’s – in
the 9.00 range). They’re much closer to how the real 54 sound but are a
little hotter (the antiquities I got spec at 6.48, 6.54, and 6.85, my 54
is in the low to mid 5’s). And finally they have similiar glassiness as
the Van Zandt’s but are a little hotter (the vz’s spec in the low 5’s). So
far, I’m pleased. But the real test will be how I feel on stage using them.
At rehearsal, I was content, but I had to adjust the hight a couple times
until it seemed even. I try not to have one louder then the other and so on.
Anyway – next week, if anyone cares, I’ll say a few words on how they felt
live. To me that’s the true test.

There’s a little rag that comes with the pickups that Seymour wrote. I’ll
type some of it here cuz I thought it was pretty funny.

“Did you ever see the bridge pickup on a ’53 Tele? It’s not clean or shiny or
new looking. It’s ugly. That’s because it’s probably been through hell.
Night after night spent on a wooden stage in a cigarette smoke-filled club
under a guy’s sweaty wrist slammin’ out the scariest guitar tone around. It’s
got grime and sweat and smoke impregnated deep into the bobbin. The lacquer
has thinned and the magnets have discolored. The coil wire and insulation
have been tempered by the surge of thousands of hours of electricity; and it
may have even blocked a flying beer bottle or two. To some, it’s not a
pretty sight. To me, however, it’s as beautiful as the Mona Lisa.”

He then goes on to explain the theory behind the development of the antiquities.

Anyway – I’ve got the humbuckers on order for a les paul. I’ve had them on
order since July. He’s way backed up on em. Anyway – once I get those
installed. I’ll post something as well.


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