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Carl Fiadino wrote:

> Tristan Collins wrote:
> >
> > Hi, I just got a Std Strat (Crimson Burst-pretty cool colour) and ive just
> > noticed that the TBX control doesnt have the indent in the centre of the
> > turn, but rather at no. 10. Is this correct or is it bust? It still controls
> > the bridge and middle pickups but doesnt do what the strat FAQ says it
> > should do. TIA, Tristan
> It’s not a TBX. It’s the new DeltaTone System featured on the
> new American Standards. This from Fender’s Frontline:
> The system includes a hot, punchy new bridge pickup combined with
> a tone control that acts like a normal 250k pot- until you reach “10”.
> When turned up all the way the DeltaTone system’s tone control knob
> reaches a detent where the potentiometer puts “no load” on the signal-
> drops compleatly out of the circuit, more or less.
> It’s also available as an aftermarket item.

You can do this to the ordinary CTS pots real easily. Just ease the four
bent-over metal prongs that hold the pot case to the chassis up and back
and take the pot apart. All you need to do is file a tiny groove in the
track just before the end so that when the pot is fully clockwise the
wiper is out of contact with the first 265 degrees or so of the track.
Reassemble the pot and lo and behold, you have a Delta Tone System…
I’ve been doing this on my guitars for years. (I didn’t think of it
myself, one of my friends (an electronics wizard) came up with it.) It
does make a subtle difference. In fact it’s the Compleat Circuit


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