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Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Chord to HTML converter available.
Date: 6 Jul 1995 12:06:12 GMT
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I would like to announce Chord2HTML, the Chord-Pro to HTML converter.
It does exactly the same as the Chord-Pro package, but generates
html files instead of a postscript file.
A UNIX box is required to convert the files and Netscape 1.1N to view
the results.

You can find the software on my WWW page:

Below, the README file from the package is included.

Have Fun,
Pim Borst.


Wed Jul 5 17:01:56 MET DST 1995

CHORD2HTML is a utility to convert chord-pro files to html.
To run this utility you need to have the following software installed:

o gzip and tar
(to unpack the archive)
o A filesystem with long names
(DOS’s filenames not sufficient)
o Netscape 1.1N to view the generated html files
(because we need tables without borders, cellspacing and cellpadding)
o Netpbm package
(pbmmake and ppmtogif are used)
o csh
(because I use the | and > symbols in a system() call)
o the supplied chord2pbm program
o a C compiler like cc or gcc
o mkdir and mv


CHORD2HTML is copyrighted 1995 by Pim Borst.
I allow the free redistribution of the original, unchanged file CRD2HTML.TGZ.
I do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by using or installing
this software.


After you have retrieved the crd2html.tgz archive, type:

gzip -d crd2html.tgz
tar xf crd2html.tar
cd crd2html
cc -O2 -o chord2pbm chord2pbm.c
cc -O2 -o chord2html chord2pbm.html
chord2html chords.chopro
mv chords1.chords default.chords


chord2html [-s spaces_dir] [-c default_chords_dir] choprofile

This will convert the chopro file to a html file with the same name but
with the .html extension.
Images of all defined chords will be placed in subdirectories.
For each song in the choprofile such a directory is created.
The images for the default chords which are used must be in the directory
default_chords_dir. When this directory is not specified, it is assumed to
be default.chords.
The spaces_dir is a directory in which images will be created which are
required to get the spacing in the html document right. When this directory
is not specified it is assumed to be the current directory.
To preserve disk space it is recommended to use the same spaces_dir for all
translated chopro files.


o uses Netscape extensions of HTML3 (this is a serious restriction)
o quick coding
o almost no comments in source
o no error messages
o no equivalents for command line options of chopro

Pim Borst.


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