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Lord Valve Speaketh:

Oh, goody, a solder thread. I use Ersin Multicore Eutectic
(63/37) alloy. Plain old 60/40 is just as good, and it’s the
most common electrical type there is. Any solder used
for electronics must be the resin flux type; acid core
stuff will cause all kinds of problems. The trick in
soldering connectors is to use a powerful iron; low-
powered irons take so long to heat the metal parts
of the connectors that the insulation on the wires melts
before the joint gets hot enough to melt the solder.
I solder damn near every cable I make with a Weller
WP-100 100-watt iron, using an 800-degree tip.
A 60-watter would probably be just fine for most
signal cables; don’t try soldering any of that 12-gauge
“monster” type speaker cable with an iron that small,
though…there’s so much copper in that type of cable
that even a 100-watt iron is borderline. Some of the
audiophools are going to tell you to use silver solder…
the silver content in that alloy is usually less than 3%;
these types are referred to as “silver bearing” solders,
and no significant advantage is gained from using
them. “True” silver solder (silver content approaching
10%) requires the use of highly toxic, corrosive flux.
Don’t mess with it. Any good electronics type solder
>from Ersin or Kester will do the trick for you.

Lord Valve

I specialize in top quality HAND SELECTED NOS and
current-production vacuum tubes for guitar and
bass amps. Good prices, fast service.

NBS Electronics, 230 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209-1510
Phone orders/tech support after 1:30 PM Denver time at 303-778-1156


“The researches of many commentators have already thrown
much darkness on this subject, and it is probable that, if they
continue, we shall soon know nothing at all about it” -Mark Twain

Big Mike wrote:

> I am going to be modifying and soldering some instrument cables to
> different lengths. I seemed to have read here once that you need a
> special soldering metal for music cables. If that’s correct what kind of
> solder metal is best? Thx, Big Mike


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