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In <37968CD6.3B028D9--(at)> Steve Watson writes:
>Was on the phone with the Big Man tonight, and he helped me get the
>grounded plug in my Princeton Reverb wired properly so I won’t get
>zapped anymore. Now if only this sudden twitching tick in my face
>go away…
>The man is top-notch! If you need anything he carries, I HIGHLY
>recommend you deal with him. You’ll get the best in both price AND
>service. He’s one of the ones who deserve your bucks!

Lord Valve Speaketh:
Folks out there need to know that, when installing a grounded line
cord on old amplifiers, the line cord they purchase may use the
international standard for wire colors. It’s BROWN = HOT, BLUE =
HOT, WHITE = NEUTRAL, and GREEN = GROUND. “Crusty” and I were
talking on the phone tonight, and he happened to mention that he
had changed his Deluxe Reverb to a grounded line cord but he was
still getting zapped..but only with the ground switch in one
position. I asked him to tell me how he had wired it up, and as
soon as he mentioned that he put the GREEN wire on the fuseholder
(yow!) I knew it was bad news. It just turned out that he didn’t
know the international wire color code, and got things screwed
up. Luckily, he’s still breathin’. 😉

Lord Valve

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