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For every point there is a counter-point.
I have read many negative posts about Groove Tubes and Aspen, this post is
in an way a comercial for Groove tubes, just my spin on my buisness
with Groove Tubes.
To preface I am a moderate sized amp manufacture, I use appox. 250 tubes
a month.
When I started ( 9 years ago ) I read TAB vol.1 a very small black and
staple bound book, at the time there was no other book of it’s kind on the
it was very limited but interesting to me. TAB vol.2 came out and I read
cover to cover more times then I can count, it was my bench-top referance,
the book literaly fell apart into a million pieces ( yes it wasn’t bound
very well )
and for the hundreds of facts inside it there a few that were incorrect.
This book helped many amp builders/repairmen in a way no other
out at the time did.
I seem to be one that overlooked some spelling errors, and small technical
misprints to try learn as much as I could about the subject I was so
interested in.
Yes, with todays resourses of spell checkers ( I could use one ) and proof
I guess these mistakes should of been corrected, but if you want flawless
read the dictionary.
About GT’s products, today with so many brookers selling tubes, most with
very small overhead, some prices of tubes rival prices of the fifties (
yes I am old enough to remember tube prices of the Fifties ).
But to me service is a very important part of the transaction, and I have
recieved excellant service and warranty exchange from GT. Something I
say about other distributers.
To give a reason for using GT’s in my amps ( I said it was my spin on it )
Guitar techs for most large touring acts, have wealth of knowledge about
maintiance, gear set-up, and can totally focus on there boss and
his neededs for a 3 hour show, not an easy task.
But when it comes to repairing or retubing his amp they are quite
The time that it saves me and the results of either sending him to a local
Music store, or having GT drop ship tubes, or sending him the same tubes
and rating
is worth every penny extra it costs. You can see how difficult it is to
try and tell
someone on this newsgroup how to re-bias his amp from the comfort of your
computer chair, try talking to someone one hour before a sold-out show,
while he is in a poorly light backstage or tuning room, talking threw a
cell phone,
and scared shit about what he’s doing. It sure is nice to know he can pop
in a set
of S-8’s, and the amp will sound as good as the day I shipped it to him.
Again this is not a comercial for GT, but I felt I should say something
because there are truly more sides and applications then what has been
stated on this newsgroup.
Later DR.Z


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