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Lord Valve Speaketh:

I’ve been testing some new Caig Labs juice in my
shop for the last month or so…it’s called ProGold
GxL. It’s too new to be on their website yet, but
they do have some hardcopy brochures on it if I’m
not mistaken. This is the first contact treatment
I’ve ever been comfortable with putting on power
tube pins. It’s rated for continuous duty at
400 Centigrade! No audio tube that I’m aware of
gets anywhere near that hot. It’s available in
all the standard Caig put-ups, like a 5% pump
spray (an aerosol is in the works) and 100%
liquid in tubes, pens, aerosol, and on wipes.
I’m using the pen-type in my shop; it’s sort of like
a felt-tip pen, but it comes with several different
tips (blunt, chisel, hard, soft, etc) to aid in
applying the juice. I’ve put this on both old and
new tube pins, and it works *great*. Just yesterday
it cleaned up a “fizzy” reverb driver socket on a
Twin Reverb I was working on; I was sure I would need
to replace the socket, but this stuff knocked it out.
Caig says it’ll last TEN YEARS. (They are known for
being fairly conservative about their products, too.)
The “x” in the product’s name stands for “extended
temperature range.” If you buy any of this for
use on tube pins, make sure you order the “x” formula.
Regular ProGold has been around for awhile; it’s
not for high-temp applications. I’ve decided to do
away with the notorious Cheesy Free Pen I’ve been
including with all the tube orders I ship;
instead, I’m including a ProGold GxL “wipe,” which
is a small square of lint-free cloth that’s saturated
with enough of this juice to do all the pins on a set
of Twin Reverb tubes. I’ll be selling the GxL “pens”
I mentioned above. They are pricy ($25!) but I’m tellin’
ya…this stuff is da BOMB!. BTW, I’ve been using my
GxL pen to coat the pins of every tube in every amp I’ve
worked on for over a month, and it isn’t empty yet.
That’s probably 50-60 amps, at an average of 6-7 tubes
per amp. You do the math. A little of this stuff goes
a long way. I’m sold…can ya tell? 😉

Lord Valve

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